Itinerant Use Repeaters

KARC has established two repeater pairs in the 70 cm band for itinerant use:

Itinerant pair 1: 443.025 (downlink) / 448.025 (uplink)
Itinerant pair 2: 443.050 (downlink) / 448.050 (uplink)

These itinerant pairs are to be used for portable/event/EmComm repeaters that are not permanently installed at a specific set of coordinates.

The rules for using these itinerant pairs are as follows:

  • Must use a method of selective signalling such as PL tone, DCS or DG-ID/Color Code.
  • Cannot be used or placed on-air in a particular location for more than 30 days per year.
  • Maximum transmitter/system ERP is limited to 50 watts.
  • Maximum antenna centerline height is limited to 40 feet AGL.
  • These itinerant frequencies cannot be used within 40 miles of a neighboring state without receiving prior approval from the coordinator (except for emergency use).

A CAREFULLY tuned duplexer will likely work for both pairs in the event you need to use either pair for a particular event. Tune it for 443.0375 and 448.0375 and you should be set!

If you or your organization previously had a coordination in effect for portable repeaters, that coordination has been cancelled and it’s expected you’ll use one of these pairs.

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